The Long Way to the Merry Cemetery

The festival “The Long Way to the Merry Cemetery” is a festival that the Irish national Peter Hurley started in 2010, from his own funds. For those who do not know who Peter Hurley is, he is an Irishman who fell in love with Maramureș, and has spent all his funds to ensure that this region does not fade away because of  the lack of interest from the authorities to undertake anything meaningful to preserve the beauty of the traditions of Maramureș.

This year, the festival celebrates its 7th edition. And it has grown enormously.

The festival starts today and lasts until the 21st of August. You will find more information here (click on logo).

Festival-Maraneaos-Drumul lung

It is not too late to participate! Take the first plane and rush to see it. You will not regret, for this festival captures what is the very soul of Maramureș!

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