“Vreu” (“I want”) – in search of love in the Călinești village

A short film shot in Maramureș this summer has already met success, with three prizes already won at three short film festivals – so far!  The synopsis  of the film is centred around love: (from the filmmakers:) In a small village in the North of Transilvania, where everyone is expected to have the same life as others, a young girl dares to feel different. Something, deep down herself, will make her choose another path.

Vreu - searching for love in Maramureș
Vreu – searching for love in Maramureș

The film is based on a story of Lavinia Pop-Coman, who also stars as the main character. The film took life following a chance encounter of the young filmmaker Bogdan Fanariu with Măriuca Verdeş, a young  traditional artist from Maramureș, well known to locals for her relentless fight to keep ancient traditions alive. Indeed, the movie features an ancient local tradition of the Călineşti village, „Jocul satului”, a dance still kept alive by the young artist, year after year.

Impressive through its serenity is also the talk of the old two people, at dinner time. If it looks unedited and live, it is precisely because it is! The scene was filmed without the knowledge of those present. It is a technique that allowed the young filmmaker Fanariu to capture the authentic, unadulterated and simple. While the English translation cannot quite capture the depth of their discussion, the tonality of the voices does manage to  capture some of the magic.

The music is mostly played by the talented violin player (ceteraș) Vasile Rus. The dance is performed by Grupul Călineştenii Ţării Maramureşului, from the Călinești village.

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