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The Artists

Maramureș has a very large number of artists and artisans that keep alive the traditions and create. The variety is incredible, almost every village has at least a few cross and gate carvers. Almost every rural household used to have a manual weaving machine “război de țesut” where the wife would make all the necessary garments for the family.

I am featuring here in the photo section just a few of the many very valuable artists of Maramureș, with a lengthier profile in my previous posts: two cross and gate carvers (Teodor Bârsan of the Bârsana Village and Godja Pătru Pupăză of the Valea Stejarului Village), a church restorer (Gavrilă Hotico-Herenta of the Ieud Village), a traditional mask maker (Vasile Şuşcă of the Săcel Village), a traditional carpet weaver (Maria Pipaş of the Tisa Village), a sculptor (Ion Bledea of Sighetu Marmației) and a Dacian style potter (Tănase Burnar of the Săcel Village). This list will surely grow!

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